Affiliate Marketing - How To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing - How To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer 

Best part of summer - the sun is shining, there is no rain, the ocean is calm. What a joy the Lance brothers have with their product called "Affiliate Marketing". It is a teaching system based on principles of affiliation marketing, selling other people's products online. It teaches beginners how to become affiliate marketer and how to make money online. It explains that this business has been around for a long time - it is a well-Survived industry. But it is a new business nowadays. What do we mean by that?

Since the creation of the Internet, people have been using the web to find products and services. Since then, websites have been developed to promote other people's products. Those websites, in turn, pay the marketers a commission for each sale they make. The reason why people setup websites to sell products is because they earn a good profit. In this case, they are also hoping to make good money from the Internet. In this context, the Lance brothers have designed and developed their own system and instructional materials on how to make money as an affiliate marketer.

What does the Lance brothers want to accomplish with their system?

The Lance brothers want to make enough money from the Internet that they can leave their present jobs. "Affiliate Marketing" is a great way to earn money and leave your job. You can earn great income this way. You can find people who are looking for an expert to answer their questions and become their affiliate. So you become a part of their business and get a commission based on every sale you make.

Is this a simple business?

No! And I would say that is pretty much a complete waste of time and money. Why? Because it is a complete waste of time and money. Here's why. Every time you have to purchase an article to bring you information, you are spending money. You are on the Internet for just 7-9 hours a week and you are tons of tired when you see the amount of crap out there. 99% of "Information" sold to you is lies. I have bought so many products about how to make a six figure income with very little work and almost no experience. 99% of the time, it still takes an average of 7-9 emails before you see someone you can trust and you can buy a product that promises to get you rich overnight. You are buying so muchmost of the time and you never seem to get anywhere. You will get burnt!

What makes it work?

In a word " SOLUTIONS", orsense of urgency. You have to have a list to practice with. You are building a list of peoples' ideas about what to buy and how to buy it. 99% of the emails you will get from people on your list will be sales pitches. boundary out those ones immediately. What I am saying is, be realistic and ask yourself, "are you interested in the product I am offering?" 9 times out of 10, you will be able to tell if the product you are receiving is a SCAM. Sales letters written by someone that has Answered little ResearchUsing little or no research.

Are you willing to put up money for more information?

Once you have decided on a market and thrown out a few hundred bucks to find a product, you have to take the information you have received and apply it. Case closed.

Making money online is easy but you have to realize that it is all about the relationships and trust. You have to build the relationships first before you can build an online business around the relationships.

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