Affiliate Marketing For Easy Money - Try It Free

Affiliate Marketing For Easy Money - Try It Free

Affiliate Marketing is simply promoting someone else's product for a fee of course. The product is called "Affiliate Program" and the Affiliate Marketer is called "Affiliate".

It is the best way to start for newbies without a website or product of their own because they need not produce or ship any product. For this they get free tools from the merchant. Affiliate Marketing consists in promoting other people's products on line.

The process of Affiliate Marketing is very easy also. You just pick a product from affiliate programs and generate the link which is called "affiliate link". This link is unique to you and it will be used to track your sales when a person clicks on it and buys the product.

Now all what is needed to get started is a computer with an internet connection. If you can type and know webpage programming, then affiliate marketing is for you. There are places on line where you can learn how to program.

I did not know much about HTML and I still do not. But I've gone through a method and I'll tell you about it.

I went through a method that requires a good amount of HTML experience. I'm not a coder and I still don't fully understand HTML. What I did know, I can program. This is useful for affiliate marketing.

I Programs I Use For Affiliate Marketing

I use Google AdWords to drive traffic to my seller's website. But I don't promote AdWords; I just use it to determine the cost per click for the keywords I want. I do this by checking out the product's sales page, the product's refund rate using This analysis will allow me to find keywords that I didn't know about and keywords that prospective buyers are used to.

I load the keywords I want into a spreadsheet and I will make a text file with a list of 100 Kimberly Hoffman affiliate products. Then I will write 100 headlines for all the products. I write headlines the same as you would see on a Google search page.

I will write one article for each headline and submit it to EzineArticles. I will write one article for each every 100 headlines. In the article I will throw in 3 keywords which I will also track in Google Analytics.

Once I have tracked the product sales using the three different keywords I made a tracking group in Google Analytics. I will now eyeball this group to see where and how the traffic is flowing in my website and affiliate program links.

By tracking the keywords I will know instantly if any of the keywords are worth pursuing in Affiliate marketing. If I see a lot of traffic being sent to this offer I may take some more time to review the offer and perhaps it is time to write another product review or write another pre sell page.

I will track the keywords from my other websites too. I know this is kind of a hassle and it's not always easy to remember which keywords are used on which sites. But search engines are now designed to find you website statistics. You must provide as much data as possible to Google to help it find you website and to generate the website page statistics.

Get to it and analyze you website statistics.

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