Rewards Fox Free Paytm and Google Play Redeem Codes

 Rewards Fox Free Paytm and Google Play Redeem Codes


Hello friends, I welcome you.  On my blog where I will tell you how to get Paytm Cash and Google Play Gift Card absolutely free? And whatever trick I will tell you inside this article, it is 1000 percent working. You friends, you do not have to take any tension because whatever application I will tell you about. And if you do a little work in that application, then you will get paid from there too!

How to download Application ?

First of all you have to download the application.  You have to open the application after downing the application and the application download button will be showing you on this screen.  You have to download the application by clicking there and you will get a lot of benefits from there.  What if you use my referral code?


How To Use App And Earn Money 🤑💰 ??

You my friends, first of all you have to download the application, open it and after that you will be asked to sign up inside the application, then you have to sign up by entering your mobile number and enter the mobile number, then a message will be sent to your mobile number.  OTP will be sent.  You have to put that OTP there and your successful account will be created inside this application.
And some tasks will be given on some screens in front of you and you will have to complete all of them there, in return you will get coins and you will be able to exchange them.  to redeem ।।

And many tasks will be given on your screen, which you will have to complete, many apps will be given on your screen in the form of tasks, which you will download, then I will get coins in return for you as if you downloaded Dream11 app and you have to download this app.  100 coins will be given to download and the value of your one coin is 1 rupee means you earned 100 coins by downloading dream11 app and you know that the value of one coin is equal to one rupee then your 100 coins will be equal to 100 rupees  Whom you can withdraw money from the fear of paytm app

Refer And Earn Money ??


And my brothers you will get to see a referral section inside this application.  You can earn a lot of money from inside this application through the reffer section.  You have to share this application to your friends and you will be given its money.  If you share this application to one of your friend and your friend installed this application through your link then you will get free money and your friend will sign up inside this app then you will get ₹ 10 absolutely free. If You Refer 10 Then You Will Get ₹100 Paytm Cash For Absolutely Free!

How To Withdraw Money This App ??


You will see a section of a wallet at the bottom of the application, you have to click on the section of that wallet and there you will see an option to withdraw money.  There you will be asked your Paytm number and there you have to enter it there. And then you will be asked the amount below that how much money you have to redeem through this application, then you have to put your amount there.  The amount you have to withdraw through this application and below that a transfer now option will be seen.  You have to click there.  When you click there.  After that your money.  Will be sent to your Paytm Wallet account instat you will get to see a transaction section next to it, where all the coins you have earned inside this app, and the history of all the money you have withdrawn from inside this application will be seen inside the transaction section.

Payment Proof

How To Buy Google Play Redeem Code Through Paytm App ??


So my dear brothers, the money you have earned from inside this application.  Inside your paytm wallet, how will you get google play redeem code from paytm wallet then you have nothing to do.  You have to open your Paytm and search in Paytm.  Google Play Redeem Code and when you search this, you will get to see a section of Google Play in front of you.  You have to click on there and click, then you will be asked there how much you want Google Play code for.  You have to put the amount there.  How much do you need google play redeem code and then you have to pay there and your payment will be deducted.  And you will get redeem code.  The redeem code on your paytm number you have to read by going to the readeem section inside your play store.


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